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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Watching the people get excited about Kaiser Chiefs in the common, room, jumping around and looking pleased with themselves. Then a ten minute music channel flip: are there even that many?

Peering through my glasses at objects, having fun with the world. Slinkys look magical as ripples, sines, are shot along them. I got up a standing wave for a few minutes, but the beauty in the metal distracts me and I lose the rhythm.

My teacher looks at me like I'm crazy. He doesn't have a physics degree, and he doesn't see anything beautiful in anything. Speaking of wondrousness, maths has finally become imaginary, and it's even better than I could've hoped for. And my work habits have improved, as well. Oh, the teacher's a hardcore christian maniac.

Otherwise, I want to go to university sooner than I can. If I were just born on time, I'd be gone...
It's good to have you back man, I've missed your writing.


They were getting excited over the Kaiser Chiefs? Eeeesh.

Here's hoping this year goes well for you.
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