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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

*slaps self*

Sorry myself, I have been too busy/lazy to write much.

So... What has happened? A lot I suppose. I ate with the vice-president of the Royal Society. I met the most darling child, who then asked me to get his sister's number. And now when it's dark, I wait for the phone to buzz; she can't have wronged the number.

And I've been ill. I've been exhausting myself at five. Today I ate... three bananas, a nectarine, melon, nachos. Drank water, sangria, orange juice, milk. Had oreos and matzo too...
I think I'm not dieting right. But at least I'm down to twelve stone :).

I don't know what else to say. Need better posture. Need more committment and... Less attacking people.

I don't know how to conceal disgust properly. Or how to tell people I love them -- emotionally or physically. It comes to the fore: I should empty the dishwasher; I should praise them/thank them.

But when all I can see is the glaring faults, I can't understand. My own words would disgust me. Whenever I feel a word stuck, I'm livid in my mind. Someone must be judging and condemning.


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