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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Why is the sky so beautiful?

The sky has majesty, but it's open to anyone. Just look up! The black clouds are chasing the ones tinted orange by the delicious sun. That cloud looks like a scribble in my work. I wonder what it's hiding. The skinny ones behind it wisp about, static on the conveyor belt that brings me cloud upon cloud for pleasure and interpretation and love. It brings the same chilling, warm feeling as 'I love you', and 'Fran, you're beautiful'.

People say that German is ugly and brutal, but they probably know two words (one of them being heil). Sometimes it has the right lilt.

Super Mario continues to enthrall, as does science. In my mind he jumps, combining elements in crazy ways. The sound effects permeate my chemistry brain.

In maths it's beautiful too. Numbers, letters, patterns and thoughts combine in each question. I scribble over two pages to get the answer I know is right before I even check. They all shoot past me as I vanquish them, to a soundtrack of bad rock music as my bones start to thrill.

The clouds have changed. They look like an army now, trailing left to right. One's a slug, a few are airships. (Marcia, you were awesome by the way).

I'm the only person in my neighborhood who's looking at the clouds in this way. I know, because they voted Tory. Still, life's so alive.

I'm going now, to enjoy being. I enjoyed writing this. I'm grinning: love you all!
The sky is beautiful and clouds are fascinating. Get yourself up in a light aircraft some time if you can and fly amongst them. A whole different perspective. Today was so clear, visibility made the air almost shine with clarity. The fields of oilseed rape glowed like gold in the sunshine. And then I had to scamper home because the towering cumulo-nimbus clouds were gathering. Magnificent and dangerous.

I love the sky too! :o)

The aerial OAO
Photo from my Best weekend in this year ! ! ! ( phentermine )
Look it here :

I and my Girl or My friends girl
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