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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Damn, man. Tired and lonely isn't where I wanted to be. It feels nice to make the clack of the keys though, and watch the words appear, disjointed as ever.

Billy Corgan's blog is amazing.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how happy I get, there's always something lurking. Secretive Daphney and I feel inadequate, out of the loop. Promises look hollow and vague.
Waking up with her is the nicest. Legs looping into each other. Languid, lazy, naked.
The worst part is uncertainty. I don't know where we'll be even tomorrow, sometimes. Things that bug me stay with me. I'm not low maintenance, and insecurity is going to live in me. I'm just looking for someone to tell me how much I mean.

Oh I don't know. I've loved one person, ever. I know shit about the world, I guess. Just a vaguely pretentious, needy, deluded and judgemental kid.

I miss Leticia. I miss lots of people.

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