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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thoughts rush through my spacey head, walking through aisles at bargain jumbly stores. I have a five pound, wonderful blue duffel coat.

I had something to tell as well, but I've failed in remembering. I've had a lovely few weeks, and now I'm on holiday with chocolate from easter. I'm going to do awesome amounts of work, and memorise my demonic German 100%.

I'm going to learn to love my underpowered calculator that doesn't do fancy tricks, because it'll take me through maths like a recalcitrant tour attendant.

Daphney and I say we're in love, and we probably are. What's it like for me?
The most beautiful suspension of disbelief,
the less I believe that it will stop
the further I fall in.
I'm in love, I guess we're in love.

It's nice. We call each other honey and that suits me too.
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