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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sunday nights are so grim. Daphney came around today, and we moved boxes and boxes into the loft to help ready the house for moving into. It was fun, in an exerting kind of way.

And then we fucked, which was fine. Well, a whole lot of things, but it's not that interesting.

And then she left, and I was left in the car with my mum, bickering and hearing that she 'doesn't feel appreciated' , and that she... Pff whatever. Yesterday I asked to borrow her credit card to get my brother's birthday present, and today they had sold out like I told her they would.

So I haven't got anything for him either, which is a shame because he's so cheery when he has new stuff. Tomorrow I guess I'll just run to town and buy something crap, instead of the perfect present I had on the computer screen.

But worse, Daphney's gone and I'm not seeing her until Saturday at earliest. Commitments are possibly one of humankind's worst inventions. Actually, put it alongside blogger spellchecker and you have a fearsome pair.

And on another depressing note, where in the ether is Leticia? I don't think she would go without telling anyone. In my dream-world she's with HIV-testing guy, in some semi-sinister quasi-erotic videogame, staring out of the screen and waving happily at passers-by. Hand in hand with her beau, naturally.

Anyway, I feel good (ish) now and want to slumber. Night.

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