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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Oh, I didn't mention it was Leticia (see the sidebar too) who made me read I Capture the Castle. She talked about it months ago, and I remembered when someone returned it to me at the library desk.
On Leticia. Her blog is amazing... I've probably hit it at least 5 times a day since... Months and months. She writes.. Well first of all in the most natural style, and secondly in the most prodigious quantities ( I just clicked one month in the archives and counted 15000 words).
She's altered me incredibly. She's one of those people who you think "oh but they're so much more ultimate than I am..." So yeah, that and she's lovely too.
Her stuff was some kind of inachievable ideal for the woman of my dreams, until I realised in hot excitement that this was just woman. And that I had been lied to by everything. I think I've bred some mad admiration complex around it now, but... Yeah. I'm so glad I'm how I am: it means I get to marry a woman! A real one! I mean, how awesome is that? I feel sorry for my girl friends... They want to chase men, for ever. And even if they settle down, I feel they'll be disappointed by the finite interest pool in him. (Oh I know women can be bitchy, and men can be great... But still).
Anyway, why are you still reading this? Go and check it out. I'd recommend starting at the beginning too.

She linked me too. Daphney was so pleased for me. To me? Well, that's just the(mocha, inutterably delicious) icing on the beauty that is the end of the week. Maybe I can catch up on some sleep now.

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