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Sunday, November 07, 2004

It's three and all I've managed to do is copy and paste some german into my oral topic. I feel like I've completely lost it. I'm cracked.

I told my girlfriend I was half in love with her (oh surely one of the most romantic sentences). She doesn't believe in that love anyway, which is fine. And I walked around with my mind on a cloud under the sea, drowning and dispersing. Interestingly.

Now I'm talking to her friend, and hugs are being shared virtually and my fingers feel unusually light on the keyboard, as if they're about to faint.

I think if I don't feel better, she'll leave me. She says I need sleep. I do. I trust that she'll be in my life someway past the time she's done with me, too. She's nice like that. I love her.

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