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Monday, November 01, 2004

I sit hunched, shoulders crunched into a rictus of anguish.
My mind isn't even here.

Four maths lessons I sat there and let it all wash over my head. Today I couldn't care what F'(x) equals. Tomorrow it will be worse.

Binomial expansion passed me by. Chemistry was a maze of numbers and letters, each one trying to break my understanding.

German? At least no homework.

And I've left the other homework for tomorrow or the day after or never. Why is it so hard to find motivation? Why don't they understand how the work I do should end at four, not midnight?

*writes angstily*

It's being stuck under a rock, limbs waiting to mount the attack. Brain panicking and out of control, struggling.

Kerry, please win. Then I can slumber again.

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