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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The hit-counter at the top of the page is ugly. I won't pretend it wasn't my poor command of html that means it's there, but it's staying. Besides, it's kind of ugly-pretty to me. Like the centimetre-wide scrollbars I have (I hate the skinny ones), it's my style.

So, what do I get from it? (the counter I mean)(apologies for brackets). Not accuracy, not quite a popularity-meter. It's like witchcraft to me.

A radiation counter really, measuring whatever the wind blows in. And the internet is sort of like a town I guess. It's more my town than where I live.
A shanty town with more derelict buildings than occupied ones, but oddly comforting because you're always visiting. There's always an exit. Bored kids peek through the the windows - voyeurs, imagining new life on the dusty furniture. Because it could be really lovely if everyone tried.
But that's not the nature of the internet. It's a panoply of unfinished, halfhearted tasks that are beautiful. A half-built pyramid, except in reverse. The peak's at the bottom, so it just gets bigger and huger. Left like that as a mystery story for the past (they're wondering what the aim is). Am I being ridiculous? (yes).

Oh yeah, I'm in a whimsical mood alright. But before it's over, the count-meter's also my mood-meter. It tells me that someone must be looking. If there are twenty hits, well... That's about one real person. And that makes me happy.

(p.s. don't just press F5 until you hit the next 100 though. That would just be playing with me...)

Well that was a red rag to a bull! - You'd better subtract 2 from the counter total now! Sorry :-)
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