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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Clouds are ridiculously beautiful. The orange ones, the grey ones, the pink-tinted ones. Ones with menace and ones that look like marshmellows. Night clouds silver-lined with moonlight. Morning-clouds.

I know it's not an uncommon opinion, which is encouraging I guess. If people recognise raw, celestial beauty and relate to it... Well that's good right? I can even take the numbing millions of images of the sky, selling everything and anything.

Actually, the sky can be beautiful in pictures. This is shockingly gut-punching, especially in real life. I think he's used a hi-liter for the clouds, which, of course, means you can create achingly natural images with something man-made.
Which is also encouraging.

Actually, it's been an encouraging day :)

I have the wonderful privilege of flying microlight aircraft as a hobby. The most beautiful flights are those where tall benign cumulus clouds have developed. Flying between these towering clouds in the "canyons" formed between them is both awe-inspiring and beautiful. It's amazing that these edifices of water vapour, often thousands of feet tall have an average life span of only 19 minutes.
Fran! You're still here!

I was afraid you had given up on the blogging world for a minute there.

Zis is Marcia by ze way.
To the first person -- I won't pretend I didn't read 'microlight' as 'moonlight'. It must be amazing (even in daylight). Like sky-castles... I thought about it for ages actually.

Marcia, yeah I'm here! Yayness to hear from you! ^.^
Fran, it is awesome! Sadly can't do it by moonlight - microlights aren't allowed to fly at night :o). Seriously, though, if you ever get the chance to go up in any kind of light aircraft do it. When you get close it's impossible to believe that they are just made up of water vapour - they have a solid, majestic countenance and can rise to thousands of feet above you. It's actually quite humbling. I could go on for hours but will spare you - suffering from withdrawal symptoms today as it was too windy to get up there.
If I ever do get the chance, I'll certainly grab it and think of you :)
Heh, good man! I'm enjoying your writing - you have a very readable style. Keep up the good work, and maybe see you up round a cloud sometime. ;o)
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